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Welcome, dear visitor, to my world of transformation and holistic well-being, where faith and wellness unite to create a life of intention and purpose. I am Patricia, but many know me as “The Optimal Therapist,” and I am thrilled to have you here today. Your presence is more than just a click—it’s the start of a meaningful connection.


In this digital realm, let me pull back the curtain and reveal a little about the woman behind the mission. First and foremost, let me openly declare that I wholeheartedly embrace my faith in Jesus Christ and am committed to life to spreading his message. I proclaim my love for Jesus and the Father, the cornerstone of my faith and the compass guiding my life’s journey. But I’m more than just a woman of unwavering faith; I’m a wellness consultant and trainer, a wellness lifestyle content creator, and a blogger.  

My Story

At the heart of Flamboyannt Wellness, there’s a transformative journey that began in 2015. I was a manager at a  cosmetics company, living a life that had its own kind of glamor. But beneath the glossy facade, my days were consumed by a high stress environment, and constant movement between stores. My personal wellness? Well, it was merely an afterthought. The idea of balance was as foreign to me as speaking a new language. If you had told me then that I would one day be an ambassador of wellness, I would have laughed out loud.


But prior to that being how my life was at the age of 21 I experienced  firsthand what it looks like when you overwork yourself and never take care of your health. At the age of 21 years, I saw my mother lose her mobility. My mother was a very lively, fun person and an entrepreneur, but one thing I never saw her doing was really taking care of her health. It was just working in her business, trying to give us a better life. She had a back injury that she never really addressed or took care of and then one morning she got up and she had no mobility to walk, which lasted for over a year until she started to slowly regain her mobility again because of therapy. As a result of that, the business went down and things changed


This then became a thought that started to come back to my mind during those times, and as time went on, work started to take a greater toll on me. My career and lifestyle were sapping my vitality, and I craved a shift, a transformation that would bring harmony to my life. One morning I woke up and, I had a thought that took root in my mind that said go study something in Therapy like a delicate seedling of which I know was the Holy Spirit speaking to me. The thought as the days went by started to grow stronger as though ready to blossom into something incredible. Inspired by this thought and desire for change and remembering my journey and experience as caretaker with my mother I decided to pursue this idea that resonated with me.

I  immersed myself in books, researching wellness courses and training as well, my nights were filled with binging  YouTube videos about healthy foods, habits, and lifestyles. And after much prayer and careful thought, I took a leap of faith to journey into the world Therapy and Wellness. The thought of starting my own business began to bloom like a vibrant flower within me, and that’s how Flamboyannt Wellness was born.


I became a certified massage therapist and a lifestyle and weight management therapist, equipping myself with the knowledge and skills to guide people along their path to wellness. My mission became simple: to help individuals to adopt a culture of wellness and rediscover the natural grace and vitality of their bodies, and empower them to seize control of their health destiny.


This venture was not just a business; but a beacon of hope for those who seek to rewrite their own wellness story. It was a heartfelt mission inspired by my own experiences and a desire to empower others. I wanted to be a catalyst for change in people’s lives, to transform their approach to adopting a culture of wellness and restore equilibrium to their health through holistic methods, nutrition, therapy, and lifestyle shifts. My goal was to help those who struggled with pain and physical limitations rediscover the innate potential of their bodies. And my aim was to guide them on a journey where they would take control of their health destiny because I knew it was not only possible but absolutely achievable.


Flamboyannt Wellness isn’t just a business; it’s a testament to the transformation that’s possible when you dare to make a change, to venture into the unknown and discover a better way of living. It’s about helping you unlock your inner potential to feel your best.  

Today, I’m driven by the power of life restarts, aiding others in making transformative lifestyle changes regardless of their age, through self-care, wellness tools, delectable wholesome recipes, and the crucial transformative thinking. Our mindset is a vital player in the journey to success and overcoming obstacles, and I’m here to prove that living having optimal health is entirely attainable, no matter your age. When you believe in the possibility and take action, you hold the key to shaping your health destiny and making your wellness story truly flamboyant.

My purpose is simple: I exist, and my mission is to empower believers, individuals, communities, and organizations to embrace a culture of wellness. Where together we can stride toward longer, healthier lives, aligning ourselves with our God-given earthly missions. It’s all about glorifying God and living a contentful life.

So welcome to your online sanctuary on the internet, where you’ll discover a treasure trove of health and wellness insights, nourishing recipes, self-care wisdom, self-improvement tips, spiritual growth, and practical home care advice. So, let’s embark on this exciting adventure together.

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My Philosophy


For me, maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is important, Self-care, my spirituality, stress management, quality sleep, healthy relationships, physical activity, and enjoyment of life are all priorities. It's about "turning down the volume" on life and allowing myself to breathe. It's about balancing life and work in order to be truly balanced. It's about getting in touch with nature and giving myself grace. It's all about determining what energizes me and makes me happy and doing more of it! These are simple bits of wisdom, but I know they can sometimes be overlooked. I can tell you this based on my own wellness path and that of some of my clients. The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is making small changes that will lead to long-term health and happiness.


My eating philosophy is straightforward: eat whole foods. And do my best to use products that are as close to their original state as possible. I strive my best not to do artificial preservatives which basically means I try my best to not consume things that will not be beneficial to my body or cells. I like to begin with vegetables and make my plate as colorful as possible then I work my way up. I like using, olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil to name a few. For me it's not about dietary orthodoxy, or the newest trend when it comes to eating healthy — it's about eating food that's nourishing for my body and cellular health. Another important factor is listening to how my body responds to food since this is also an important part of nourishing my body since each of us is gloriously unique and different. If you start with real, nutrient-dense whole foods and remember to eat mindfully and intuitively, you've already made a major step toward better health. So for me maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as vital as eating a healthy diet.

What My Clients Says

Good morning Pat. I made it off the bed very good without pain. Your massage and home care advice really helped. Thank you.

Charmaine. T - Interior Designer

Thank you for a wonderful first time experience. You truely have a gift and a great personality tto go with it

Derrick. S - Managing Director

I was very impressed Patricia’s by your all round professionalism. Your willingness to go the extra mile and your ability to put me at ease in my time of pain. After our session I had great pain relief and more mobility to move my legs. Thank you so much

Helen-Kay .T - Customer Service Supervisor
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