Helping You Cultivate and Nurture A Culture Of Wellness!

Optimize, align, and transform your wellness culture (physically, mentally, and spiritually) so that you can sustain high performance and function effectively in a whole and healthy body to execute your earthly assignment while living a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Are You Experiencing...

Do You Want?

Optimized Recovery & Pain Relief

Overcome physical discomfort that is affecting your daily life and activities.

Restored Health & Function

I understand that feeling physical restriction can make one feel overwhelmed and depressed. But you can get help to improve or change that and regain or improve your health.

To Become Healthier & Feel Better

No level of pain or discomfort feels good neither does any form of sickness or mental disturbance. So if you want to start living a healthier happier life. And you want to changes your lifestyle habits to heal your issues with chronic pain and diseases.Then this is possible & you can truly take back charge of your health destiny.

To Prevent Injuries & Decrease Stress

If you want to maintain optimal wellbeing, or you want to maintain muscles pliable, and optimized health Then valuing preventative care is important. Also if you simply just want to relax and reduce your stress level that is causing mental and bodily tension destressing and engaging in a little bit self care is the best thing you can do for your body and health.

I believe you deserve to live and have a life design that is happy, healthy and that is full of goodness!

Where To Start


Wellness Workshops & Training

Helping organizations, purpose-driven men and women, and, by extension, their families, adopt a culture of wellness is what I am all about. Learning and encouraging a culture of wellness—physically, mentally, and spiritually—is the most sustainable path to achieving optimal health and well-being.



You can find free helpful tips on my YouTube channel to help you optimize your health and life. As well as you can also find lifestyle and soul-filled-related content that can help you transform and align your life.


Support Library

If you want to get clarity and create a plan to help you get started on your journey to optimal wellness, changing your lifestyle and achieving specific life or fitness goals and cooking healthier meals. Then you can find all this on my blog where you can read to your heart’s leisure.

Cultivating a wellness culture of optimal health leads to a happier healthier you.

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Discover How You Can Take Charge of Your Life & Health and The Confidence That Comes With It.

My name is Patricia also known as “The Optimal Therapist” and my core goal is to help as many people as possible to optimize, transform and align to their life & health destiny and  design. So if you are ready  I’ll love to help you achieve that.

You Are What You Eat- Heal Your Body Of Inflammation & Chronic Pain -15 Anti-Inflammatory Foods To Eat Today

When we think about food and our nutritional intake we must think about eating for cellular health. This is important because it is our cells that need to absorb the nutrients it needs in order for us to be healthy…

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Why choose us?

Helping You To Optimize, Improve, Align and Transform Your Life!

I understand your problem because I have seen firsthand what people with issues like what you are experiencing goes through. Therefore you can trust me when I tell you I understand.  I have been working in this field helping clients and treating orthopedic issues for over 6 years. Therefore I have a combination of work and life experience addressing concerns and issues related to musculoskeletal conditions and problems. I am very passionate about what I do & helping people in this area. Therefore I stay up-to-date on the most effective techniques for supporting rehabilitation, growth and optimal health. I also adapt modalities that are grounded in neuroscientific and psychological research,  to help my clients’ with their healing and transformation.

How does my service solve your problem?

The FOUNDATION of what I do is done via the application of movement and bodywork, lifestyle changes, biblical principles and behavioral insights.  My goal is to offer clients a client-centered session with me where we both can work together to help you to achieve your health and life goals. Using these method and approaches it helps me to identify the root cause(s) of the problem. Once identified we then work together to customize a healthy lifestyle plan for you if that’s needed. The plan will address many aspects of your life, from physical needs, including nutrition, alternative therapy, exercise & sleep, as well as to mental & emotional as it related to social, work and community life. So as to help take charge of your life.

Are You Ready To Optimize Your Life? Then Answer These 3 Simple Questions

Are you committed to getting well.

In order for you to get results in anything you do or want to achieve. It takes a level of commitment. And that principle applies even to getting well or recovering from injuries and issues affecting the body or even when it comes to turning your life around for the better so as to create the life design you want for yourself. But as I said before anything can be achieved it takes first you choosing to be committed. Are you ready to be committed?

Are you willing to make some guided lifestyle changes.

Many times we don't always look at the things that we may be doing that is causing an effect on our body and life. But the truth is, is that wellness and having optimal health is not a one and done thing. The body and mind is very intricate and for one to live healthy, aligned and pain free. It has to be taken into consideration that the mind body and spirit are all interconnected. So for the body to work right we have to be more intentional about how we live and how our lifestyle can impact your health. So making intentional changes and adjustments to our physical, nutritional, mental and spiritual health is important since such lifestyle changes will have a very positive impact on your health & longivity

Are you willing to invest time and the work needed

If you are interested in really getting healthy, changing your life and healing your body. Then invested time and work is the only thing that will get you those results. Consistency is important to see true change. Without this part of the process nothing will happen and you will never get the results you want. But if you do the necessary and you are committed to the process & the actions steps you need to take. I assure you you will see improvement and result.

My promise to you

These are my promises to you

Privacy Respected

Your privacy and personal information are keep with the utmost confidentiality.

Custom-Tailored Treatments

No one client is the same. Even though the same modalities & treatment methodology may be used. The application and treatment plan is designed differently for each client to suit their specific problem or issue.

Safe Space

I provide a body-positive, friendly space where you can relax and ignore the outside world. Leave your insecurities at the door; your comfort is my utmost priority.

YOU Are In Control

No aspect of your wellness plan should come as a surprise. We’ll conduct a thorough intake at your first appointment where I explain my treatment plan in detail. I obtain your informed consent—both verbal and written—and I make sure you know you always have the right to withdraw or alter your consent. Your session is about you, not me.

You have great manual skills. You seem to see the bigger picture of what the body wants, you easily identify if an area needs deep work or a gentler approach. I also like that you check-in frequently to see how things feel- it makes for a very productive session!
liz gleadle
3 Time Olympic Javelin Thrower
Good morning Pat. I made it off the bed very good without pain. Your massage and home care advice really helped. Thank you.
Interior Designer
Good morning Pat. I made it off the bed very good without pain. Your massage and home care advice really helped. Thank you.
Managing Director

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