Transformational & Mind Shifting Quotes

Transformational and Mind Shifting Quotes- That I Love

So let’s talk quotes the good old transformational and mind shifting quotes that we see many people sharing and reposting on social media and that we can find on the internet if we did a simple google search. Thing is that in life we all need a little motivation and encouragement sometimes. Even the best of the best sometimes feels a bit down at times and may need a little nudge or push to keep going at times and the going gets tough. we see this with many successful people who share their authentic selves and let you know that they too have their up days and down days. As well as we can also find such examples of people needing a bit of encouragement throughout the bible. We see this in the life of Jesus who represented the human embodiment of God in the flesh as well as, prophets, regular people, and my boy David. So in this post, I just want to share with you some of my favorite transformation and mind shifting quotes that I have found that have added some value to me and helped me to find motivation and inspiration when I have those though days or uninspired moments. So hope you find them as useful as I have and to stat of we have,

  • ”  Stop saying how can I get people to help me. And start saying how can I allow people to help me”

  • “It is not what you sell, that is the unique differentiator but instead it is the message your company chooses to focus on that your competitor doesn’t emphasize in their marketing”

  • ” Please do not address me as a strong independent black woman. It is not a compliment. I believe we need to say we are resilient versus strong and interdependent versus independent”


  • “Blaze your own paths! Yes, follow the examples of anyone who lives with the success or joy you seek.  Employ the techniques that transfer well to your goals…but please respect the gift of your individuality.” – Janice Bryant Howroyd


  • “Get to know yourself, take as long as you need to really get to know You!  Make it a life-long lesson; never stop learning who you really are because I promise you that you will never stop evolving. That is part of the beauty of being you and of being a woman.” – Janice Bryant Howroyd


  • “I also know how to ask people for money and I have no shame about doing that.” – Roma Downey


  •  “I do take time to pray. I also start my day in gratitude, and as my first foot hits the floor in the morning when I climb out of bed, I say “Thank,” and as the next foot hits the floor, I say “You,” and I say “Thank you” all the way to the bathroom. Starts the day in the right headspace and the right heart space!” – Roma Downey


  • “Rejection is a gift and failure is the best educator, so when someone knocks you down, get back up!” – Kathy Ireland


  • “One of the things my mother taught me when I was a child was just keep your eye on the prize and as long as you feel that you’re right with your creator and you’re right yourself, then other people’s opinions really don’t matter.” – Cathy Hughes


  •  “People are amazed, Entrepreneurs call me frequently and they’re like, ‘you took my call’. Yeah, because I can’t tell you how lonely it was for me when no one would take my call.” – Cathy Hughes (Source –


  • “You must as quickly as possible start investing in the relationships around you. Don’t just put your head down and work, because you should have a relationship with every seat that touches your seat.” – Carla Harris


  • “If you want to be successful in life, find a human need and reach out to solve it”. – TL Osborne


  • “I made a commitment to myself when I came into this business that if I was going to have to work hard, I would play hard. And I wanted to make sure I had a well-rounded life,” – Carla Harris

Patricia is a certified orthopedic massage therapist, behavioral preceptor and business mentor. She has been practicing massage therapy and holistic wellness since 2017. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology. Patricia has been in the Health & Wellness fields for approximately 6 years and 6 years respectively in sales. Patricia has worked with a wide scope of persons, ranging from Olympic athletes, international dancers, entrepreneurs, office workers, and professionals, as well as paraplegics, stroke patients, and those who have issues with neurological and musculoskeletal issues. Patricia's mandate is to help people to change their health destiny and to help them to understand, align and uncover who they truely are at the core from the lens of how God made them and sees them.

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