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The 13 Rules Of The Mind – HOW THE MIND WORKS

Quote: “You cannot fix what you do not understand”


Words to avoid:

I wish, I hope, If only I can, But, I forgot this, I should, What have I forgotten.


Words to Use:

I will, I have , I am, I can do this, I could, I would, I got this, I remember this, What do I remember

  1. The minds job is to always do what it thinks you want it to do. The mind doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined or real, what is true or false or what is good or bad. So it will always give you what it thinks you want. That’s it’s job.
  1. The mind does not care if what you think is good or bad, real or imagined, true or false it will let it in and process it no matter what unless you make a conscious shift in that given moment.
  1. The mind will be believe everything you tell it because again it doesn’t know the difference between what is imagined or real. So if you tell it great things it will  believe it once you do it over and over again. Same to if you tell yourself bad or negative things it will also believe it.
  1. The mind likes what is familiar and doesn’t like what is unfamilar or different.So it will always try to stay attached to what is normal to you or familar to you. Since what is familar feels right. As oppose to what is unfamilar. The mind will always reject what is unfamilar by the demonstration of the words you say and your actions, in order to stay attached to what’s familar or normal.
  1. Your mind works for You. You do not work for your mind. So tell it what you want. Give it the instructions. Dialogue with your mind.
  1. Your mind responds better to forming pictures together with the words you speak. The more vivid and clear the picture in the mind (your imagination) the more powerful it is and will become reality.
  1. Whatever you imagine will always defeat logic or the knowledge you know about a thing. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.
  1. Your emotions is also processed through the mind. So in a battle between your emotion and logic or the knowledge you know about a thing. Emotion will always win.
  1. Whatever your mind expects or anticipate tends to always materialize or be realized.
  1. You form or make your beliefs in your mind and then that belief makes you and you become it. Your mind and thinking will always match the way you act and speak. Your belief will override and can change everything. You have the choice to be tell yourself  this empowering belief or positive belief.
  1. What you focus or think on you get more of. Whether negative or positive, pain or pleasure.
  1. Every thought you think and every word you say fuses themselves together to form a blue print that the mind and body will work to make a reality for you.
  1. Your thoughts and mind (fused with you emotion) changes your biological DNA cells formation and by extension gives birth to your personality or who you are, who you become or who you can become. This is a proven scientific fact that has been tested. Whereas this so for any area of change one requires to see in their life. This has been scientifically proven when tested on sick persons using the Placebo effect and on healthy persons using the Nocebo effect.

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