20 Scriptures To Pray For Financial Breakthrough

In times of financial challenges, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and uncertain about the future. However, as believers, we have a powerful tool at our disposal – PRAYER.   Praying for a financial breakthrough is our first defence. And is what is what gives us hope, comfort  and guidance during that difficult time. And though it may be a situation where we desire instant or immediate help we also must remember that breakthroughs may

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15 Scriptures To Pray When You Want To Possess Wealth In Your Life

What does scripture say about us having, wealth, riches, prosperity and abundance in our lives? Well if we look at the beginning when God created man and renewed the earth  in Genesis 1 and 2. It is quite clear and we can clearly see that God plan for humanity was a beautiful one – one in which mankind was to enjoy the beauty, splendor, abundance and fruitfulness of creation. However when man eventually fell things

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Top 10 Bible Verses about Home Ownership and Acquiring a Home or House

What does scripture say about acquiring, buying and owning a home or house? The bible is our road map for life and living so even when it comes to having, buying or getting a home there are scriptures on which we can stand upon when praying to bring forth our strong reasons to God (the Father) as to why  we deserve or desire  to have our own home or house to live. For God is

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