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About The Podcast

Welcome to Taking Check Within with Patricia Podcast and I am your host Patricia your Optimal Wellness Therapist. And on this podcast, we explore and learn all things related to health and wellness, self-care, and soul living. These are some of the pillars to self-healing which will help you to empower yourself to live the healthiest and most fulfilled life you desire.

Therefore this is a safe space for us to journey and grow together as I share my knowledge and expertise with you and where we can learn strategies, techniques and gain motivation to help us overcome and stay committed to making the necessary changes we need to make to experience optimal health and wellbeing.

So don’t worry you’re not alone on this journey. So let us apply the right mindset and attitude because everything we need is already within us. It is my belief that God has given us all an abundant birthright and as such my passion is to spread this good news! It’s time to embrace our birthright and redefine what it is to live a life of abundant wellness. So it is my greatest pleasure to be with you here today. Right now in this moment!

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