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The body and mind are intricately linked. What has an impact on one has an impact on the other. For me maintaining a healthy balanced lifestyle is important, Self-care, my spirituality, stress management, quality sleep, healthy relationships, physical activity, and enjoyment of life are all priorities. It's about "turning down the volume" on life and allowing myself to breathe. It's about balancing work and life in order to be truly balanced. It's about getting in touch with nature and giving myself grace. It's all about determining what energies me and makes you happy and doing more of it! These are simple bits of wisdom but I know it can be are sometimes overlooked. I can tell you this based on my own wellness path and that of some of my clients. The cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle is the small changes that will lead to long-term health and happiness.


My eating philosophy is straightforward: eat whole foods. And do my best to use products that are as close to their original state as possible. I strive my best not to do artificial preservatives which basically means I try my best to not consume things that will not be beneficial to my body or cells. I like to begin with vegetables and make my plate as colorful as possible then I work my way up. I like using, olive oil, coconut oil, or grapeseed oil to name a few. For me it's not about dietary orthodoxy, or the newest trend when it comes to eating healthy — it's about eating food that's nourishing for my body and cellular health. Another important factor is listening to how my body responds to food since this is also an important part of nourishing my body since each of us is gloriously unique and different. If you start with real, nutrient-dense whole foods and remember to eat mindfully and intuitively, you've already made a major step toward better health. So for me maintaining a healthy lifestyle is just as vital as eating a healthy diet.

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