Massage Therapy & Libron James

My interest was peaked one day to some research on Lebron James’s recovery as an athlete.  My interested was in his recovery methods as an athlete. I wanted to understand what he usually does and why it worked so well for him.  So it was my logic that for him to be functioning at the level he is functioning at and performing it would mean that he has to have a method or methods of body care and training that is giving him that great ability to perform the way he does. So not overly surprised at what I found. 

I found out in my research that among the many methods of care and training that LeBron uses one of his methods of body care while training is that he incorporates a regimen of Massage Therapy about 3 to 4 times a week. I also found that in a tweet post by him via tweeter in 2015. Lebron posted that he was looking for a Massage Therapist full time at one time. “Someone around the clock (when needed), strong hands & stretches as well.


And don’t mind the cold. Lebron also incorporates or uses cryotherapy (super cold chamber), personal training by his biomechanist, treatments with liquid nitrogen to help reduce inflammation, compression gear (compression garments) among other types of modalities, equipment, and devices. Lebron also has really great hydration, sleep, and nutrition practices.

So I guess in a nutshell that concludes it and perhaps why he is one of the most well-recovered athletes around! James says he feels like taking care of his body has been a personal journey of which he has had to figure out largely by feel and by mixing work with experimentation. So as an Optimal Wellness & Massage Therapist, it is nice to know that Massage Therapy is one of the mixtures that help make up his body care treatment and training.



So until my next post…..


Patricia is a certified orthopedic massage therapist, behavioral preceptor and business mentor. She has been practicing massage therapy and holistic wellness since 2017. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology. Patricia has been in the Health & Wellness fields for approximately 6 years and 6 years respectively in sales. Patricia has worked with a wide scope of persons, ranging from Olympic athletes, international dancers, entrepreneurs, office workers, and professionals, as well as paraplegics, stroke patients, and those who have issues with neurological and musculoskeletal issues. Patricia's mandate is to help people to change their health destiny and to help them to understand, align and uncover who they truely are at the core from the lens of how God made them and sees them.

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