Eating Healthier – 9 Steps To Help You Start Your Journey To Eating Healthier

I’m so happy and excited that you’re here reading this post! I decided to write this post with you in mind as it relates to eating healthier. And it is basically about sharing with you 9 steps to help you start your journey to eating healthier. I wanted to give you the best starter tools that can help you on your journey of healthy eating so that you can change your health destiny, lengthen your days and live healthier and happier in the body that God has given you to live in this life here on earth.

Getting started with or getting used to the dynamics of eating well is exciting but I know it can sometimes feel it bit overwhelming. So my goal in this blog post is to help make getting started easier for you as you begin your journey to better health. So to kick things off we have:

1. Form A New Mindset - Ditch The Diet Mentality & Gemmicks

Healthy eating is not about fads, the latest trends, short-term diets or calorie counting, but it’s really about sustainable, long-term changes that focus on supporting and nourishing your body. Remember that diet gemmicks, fads, trends and shot term diets is not the way since this is not sustainable but what’s most important is eating foods that is good for your body in terms of it’s nutrient content and for the nourishing your cells!

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2. You Do't Have To Perfect - Just Do Your Best

Starting the journey of eating healthy is not always the most easiest thing to start doing since we have been so acustom to eating poorly for most of our life so change can sometimes be a bit challenging but not impossible if we stick to it. So I totally get you. So what I want you to keep in mind is that you don’t have to be perfect and remember that healthy eating is a journey. There are times that it will be inevitable and you may have to crab a quick lunch or breakfast on the way even sometimes you may have to dine out and that’s ok what’s important is just being mindful of your food choices and select the most healthiest options there is and enjoy whatever you have chosen to eat without feeling guilty about it. What is most important is that you’ll learn how to make healthy choices outside of your home too. Nobody is perfect 100% of the time. Just do your best!

3. Start Simple & Work Your Way Up

So now that you have begun the journey whats important at this point is for you now to focus on adding more fruits and leaf green and vegetables to your diet and choosing foods that are close to its natural state as possible. Try experimenting by making your plate as colorful as possible like a rainbow by adding fresh leafy green and vegetable of all kinds. I encourage you to buy more organic and fresh produce as much as  possible and to have fun exploring different types of fruits and vegetables. If you still struggling with letting go of the processed foods entirely, just try your best where possible to reduce it as much as you can but still incorporate your fresh vegetable and fruits in your meals. What’s important is starting basic and working your way up as your body adjust to this new lifestyle.

4. Make Healthy Swaps

I know that when you think about eating healthy you maybe thinking that now that you have started this journey you can’t have many of the flavours you’re used to enjoy. But this is not true healthy eating is also very tasty and can be prepared in a number of dynamic ways. And this can be achieved by simply doing healthy food swaps. This can  can make all the difference in your health while still remaining delicious to your taste buds.  Some examples of this are swapping margarine instead with butter or coconut oil. Or instead of using processed sugar instead use honey. Or instead of having soft drink or juices instead make smoothies or use lemon or lime in water and drink that instead. I can go on sharing a few more but I’m guessing you get the idea of what I mean when I say make healthy swaps.  

5. Lean To Read Package Labels

One of the best things you can do for yourself when it comes to healthy eating is knowing how to read and understand package labels. Learning to read package labels is something to know since it will help you to identify ingredients that may be harmful food your body that are in the food you are purchasing. And yes there are a lot of products on the market that are made with products that can harm us in the long run. Sure you may  not see the effects of it immediately in many instances but trust me it impacts your health negatively. The only thing is when you experience the effects and impact of it sometimes it is too late the reverse the damage. So I encourage you to make learning to read labels a skill in your health toolbox

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6. Plan Your Purchase & Stock-Up On The Basics

A great way to help make your life easier and help you to stay on track with your health journey is to plan your grocery shopping & be well stocked up on the basics or the foods that you use regularly or frequently. Doing this will not only save you time but it will also help you to be on top of your game and avoid you from falling off of your journey easily. 

7. Learn Some Recipes That You Like To Eat Frequently

A sound proof way to stay on the path to healthy eating is to learn a few recipes that  are easy to make and that you love eating. This  is a good way to help you eat more healthy and stay consistent. A great way to do this is to get inspiration from healthy food blogs and books as well as on youtube and experiment by trying recipes that you think you might love to eat frequently.

8. Learn To Meal Prep Before Hand

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Making homemade meals is the best thing that you can do to eat healthy. However I know that when persons are now starting it may can be overwhelming for some. So by learning to do meal prepping before hand can be a great way to take some of the stress out  for you for when you are ready to prepare and cook your meals. So what you can do is take some time and block out some time in your schedule do some vegetable meal prepping before hand by cutting up your vegetables and storing them in portions in the freezer. To make this time fun where it doesn’t feel so boring is you can turn on some music or get your friends, partner or kids involved as you do this.

9. Listening & Being Intune With Your Body

An great tip that your can do as well when it come to starting the journey to eating healthier is learning  to listen and be in tune to what your body is telling you. This means paying attention to what foods give you a energy boost, that changes how your skin looks, as well as your mood and how you feel.  As well as be in tune also when you observe that you don’t feel so good when you eat certain foods, when you have low energy or if it makes your skin break out or makes you feel irritated or changes your mood! Learning to do this will help you to learn about your food sensitivities  and what agrees with you and is best for YOUR unique body.

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