Can Your Immune System Cure Cancer? Hacking or Getting Your Immune Cells To Work For You To Fight Cancer

Can your immune system cure cancer?


Biomedical engineer, Dr. Elizabeth Wayne speaks at TED on how to hack our immune system to fight cancer. Liz began her professional career pursuing a degree in physics at the University of Pennsylvania as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar and Moelis Access Science Scholar. She completed her PhD in biomedical engineering at Cornell University. Dr Wayne’s cancer immunology work is a little different from the therapies you may have read about in the press. Instead of using T-cells, she uses another kind of cell that’s part of the immune system – macrophages. It is her goal that doctors and professionals will be able to direct cancer-fighting medicines directly to a specific tumor site? Her research is extensive in how the body can be a vehicle for cancer cures. And this seems to be something that can revolutionize the treatment of cancer. Wayne explains how her lab is creating nanoparticle treatments that bind to immune cells, your body’s first responders, to precisely target cancer cells without damaging healthy ones.

And when she is not in the lab Elizabeth  can also be found co-hosting the PhDivas podcast among any other things. She is also advocate for girls and women in science


"Our immune system presents the most extensive therapeutic delivery system that we possess. Nanoparticles alone cannot none surpass the natural ability of immune cells to penetrate difficult barriers such as the blood brain barrier, to reach past the fibrotic perimeter of a tumor, the ability to actively migrate and accumulate in diseased regions which is particularly useful in the turbulent and filtering environment of the bloodstream. The field of cell-based therapies is just emerging and spans multiple disciplines: immunology, drug delivery, biomaterials, and cancer. THE GOAL OF MY RESEARCH IS TO USE NANOMEDICINE TO MANIPULATE THE NATURAL BEHAVIOR OF IMMUNE CELLS FOR DELIVERY OF THERAPEUTICS DELIVERY. I use macrophages a specialized cell found in nearly every organ, to delivery therapeutics to solid tumors".

Dr. Elizabeth Wayne

"After decades of research and billions spent in clinical trials, we still have a problem with cancer drug delivery, says biomedical engineer. Chemotherapy kills cancer — but it kills the rest of your body, too. Instead of using human design to fight cancer, why not use nature’s the immune system."

Dr. Elizabeth Wayne

Source: – TEDx Talk

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