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7 Reason Why People Don’t Get Massage Therapy

So today I want to talk about in terms of the topic what are some reasons why persons may be hesitant or may not necessarily see massage therapy as a priority or making it a part of their lifestyle, or to bring it into the way that they live for the better wellbeing of themselves and the optimal benefits to their body. And these are just seven reasons that I have that is going to kind of shed light on the reason why prisons may kind of shy away from bringing massage therapy into their scope or into their space of wellbeing.

1. They Don't See Massage Therapy A Priority Or being Imprtant

And the first one is that they see massage therapy as being not important. It’s not really a priority for them. They don’t see it as a necessity because it’s not something that’s high on the agenda. And reason being is that because they feel well, they feel ok, nothing’s going on with them, they have no aches, they have no pain, everything is good and there’s no discomfort. They are well, They think well I will have no restrictions I am perfectly fine. So that is not really for me it’s not a priority for me right now. And that’s a good thing because the person is well and we all want me well. But I usually, tell persons that the importance of massage therapy is not just that you’re well and you don’t see it as being a need or a thing in your life. But massage therapy has a way where it can fall into two aspects.

And I tell persons it can either be one for maintenance or preventative or two to heal or treat a particular problem. And that is because it’s not all about just waiting for something to happen to you to then see it as a priority. So it’s just like with anything it’s about doing the things beforehand so that you could prevent something from happening to you in the future, or that could happen to you in the future. And doing massage therapy, really really helps to alleviate certain things along the line as we age. So sometimes we have, not sometimes, but a lot of times, because we are we’re using the body and the body is a mechanism that we use for life. It can have points where we develop joint pain, muscular pain, and all different aliments can occur in the body where massage therapy comes as a preventative measure to help you to keep your muscles pliable, to help you keep flexible, and to just help you along the journey of your life.

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And it’s just like with diabetes. Diabetes, we all know it’s a lifestyle. And because it’s a lifestyle disease, it’s something that is reversible. And it’s not just me saying this, but it’s been proven scientifically, and there are many others who have said and experienced this for themselves. So it’s nothing new and diabetes occurs because of the fact of lifestyle or our lifestyle. When we’re young, we’re eating whatever we want, we’re doing whatever we want. And there is a certain point along this journey that we end up changing certain structures and things within our body. That causes particular, they call it disease lifestyle disease to disrupt things and we get what is called diabetes. And that is the same thing with massage therapy. So if we’re young and we’re taking precautions as to how we’re treating our body and what we’re doing, and what we’re eating and what we’re consuming, the likelihood of this happening. It’s going to be very, very small because we have changed and we have tweaked things prior to prevent this particular situation with diabetes.

 And it’s the same thing with massage therapy if we can incorporate this as a lifestyle tool. Then when we’re getting older then some of the things that could happen along, the journey of life, like constant restrictive joint mobility, muscle aches, and soreness all these things could be prevented because we’re helping the body to become more pliable, the muscles become more open and loose with less restrictions. And it helps to alleviate a lot of bodily ailments along the journey of life. As well as at the same time, when it comes to total recovery, that is where it is going to help along the journey to help prevent certain problems or fix certain problems within a holistic scope. So I understand when people say it’s not that important. It’s not a priority. I understand why they say it’s not a priority, but then you take into consideration that preventative measures are always good to take note of as well. 

2. They Don't Have Money For That

So the second reason why persons tend to not see this as a necessary part of life is because they say that they don’t have the money for it, or it’s too costly or it’s too expensive. And I totally understand where that is coming from in terms of seeing it as a cost or it’s a financial issue. And it’s totally understandable why persons may see it as a financial issue. But the thing about it is, is that what I tell persons is that massage therapy could either be a tool in your arsenal where it really, really helps to help keep these issues of limitation restriction from you. And it can help you in the future. So, When we see it as that I think that’s when the part of it being too much of a financial problem would not really be a big thing, but if it is not seen as that, that is where it will actually be seen as a financial problem because it’s not really something that you really take as a holistic perspective in terms of your health and it being a contributing factor. And at the same time, I understand as well why it can also be considered costly. Because when you have a particular problem, that is where it will take more sessions to actually try to elevate the issue or fix the problem. And that is were the cost factor could arise. And I understand why someone may have not thought pattern of it being too costly.

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But I also tell persons massage therapy, it can be much, much more, less when we sometimes weigh, the cost factor of probably having to do a surgery or probably having to do some other type of procedure rather than a non-invasive one like massage therapy that can help. So sometimes weighing the cost as to doing a couple of sessions that may have a certain value attached or doing a particular surgery or whatever other procedure to fix the problem. And you can actually see which would be better. So I understand why the factor but as I said, costs arise sometimes or most times when persons don’t see it as being a tool or a wellness tool.  Because like everything we have bills, we have this we have that and it is a priority for us. We know that we have to do this every month. We know that if we don’t do this. This, this, this is going to happen. So when we see things as priority or important, then we make the necessary adjustments to incorporate it. We find the finances to make it happen. And that’s the only how sometimes when cost doesn’t seem to be a problem for someone. But I understand why the thought pattern of it being a problem could pop up because of such and such and such issues of having to do an accumulative amount of sessions sometimes. And it can be that thought pattern of it being too costly at times. But once we can make things an important lifestyle factor. I think that’s where the aspect of it being too costly, trickles away. 



3. They Don't Have Time

The third reason why persons may not see massage as a priority or why they don’t get massages is that they don’t have time. And that is something that I totally understand. Many will say I don’t have time. I don’t have time for it, I am so busy. But what I say to individuals is that when something is not important to you that is something that we would say. ” I don’t have time” And that is where we can really say or understand when something is not important.  But if something does happen to someone that is when you may want to fix the problem, you want it to go away, you want to get rid of this thing and we find a time to make it happen. So when something is not important to one, it’s never really on the agenda or a top-notch priority.  Time will always be a factor of not having the time to do something. So once you could see it as an important factor to your lifestyle, to your wellbeing, to your advancement, to your optimal health, then time would not be a problem. And it’s just gonna happen. You’re going to just make it happen when the month comes and you’re going to make it happen whenever the need arises to do it. So that is the third reason why someone would say they wouldn’t be able to get a massage or why they can’t incorporate massage therapy into their lifestyle.

4. They Don't Like To Be Touched

Next, we have number four. And number four is uncomfortable with being touched. And that is totally understandable because a lot of times persons have that thing of they not being comfortable with people touching them. And touch is one of the most beautiful dynamic things that create human connection. And I don’t think it’s because people don’t like to be touched. I think it’s because generally we’re all made up differently. And there are some things that are going to be ok for me but it may not be necessarily ok for somebody else. So for example, I am totally okay with taking care of and treating someone who has like a bed ulcer. Nothing affects me, I don’t feel any way, I don’t feel any upset, feeling. I don’t feel anything.  Whereas there is someone else who may not be able to stomach seeing an open wound. kind of.  So we all function very differently. 

And in the same way, what may be comfortable for me may not be comfortable for someone else.  So when someone says they don’t like to be touched, it’s not that they don’t like to be touched or they don’t like to be hugged. But instead really they don’t like the fact of someone seeing them or exposing them to be vulnerable. They don’t like to be vulnerable and being open where someone is physically touching you over your body can often make one feel very vulnerable. And that is why sometimes it could be a very hard thing for someone to probably go to a massage session because they have to be vulnerable within that moment because you’re exposing yourself to an individual. So I understand why being touched can be a problem where you can feel vulnerable, where you can feel like you’re being violated, but not that you’re being violated against your rights, but you’re feeling violated because of you having to be open to someone else – a stranger. So this is reason number four why someone may not necessarily want to do a massage or incorporate it into their lifestyle.

5. Fear Of Getting Aroused

And number five – the fear of getting turned on or aroused. This is another reason that could restrict someone and I would say that, yes, it can be a problem for someone and I’m not navigating from that in any way but when it comes to touch the human body naturally responds a particular way. We all as I said are different and we respond differently. And if you are touched in whatever way. There are certain things that happen with your nervous system. And one can feel very vulnerable or very discomforted in their mind and feel that they will get turned on if they go for a massage. The thing about it is that touch is normal and the response of the body to touch it responds differently for individuals.   

So if you are doing a massage yes for a man sometimes not all men, but sometimes as a man, based on your make-up, based on your psychology, based on your physiology, you can sometimes be aroused. And it’s not that you’re intention coming there to say in your mind I’m going to be aroused. But because the person is touching you and that sometimes can cause one to get an erection. And that is pretty much a part of what can happen.  And the massage therapist totally understands that and knows that. So it’s not something that, you know the therapist is embarrassed about, or even you should feel embarrassed about. But I know that it can be embarrassing because you are going to be like okay my body is doing this particular thing and I’m trying to do this thing and the therapist is going to see my body doing this. And you’re going to feel very discomforted and very embarrassed. But I want to tell you there’s nothing to be embarrassed about is nothing to feel discomforted about. It’s just part of how the human body is designed and how it’s made up and how it is susceptible to touch.

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So I totally, totally understand. Even with a woman as well. A woman can feel things in her body. The difference though between a woman and a man is it’s not easy to tell what a woman may be experiencing. There’s no outward evidence to show that she’s experiencing some form of, feeling within or being turned on. Whereas with a man there is evidence because he may have an erection and it will be noticeable. So both parties can experience the same thing, but the thing about it is, this goes away very quickly. It can come for a very short time, maybe a minute, maybe a few seconds and it will go away. It will subside. Because the system nervous system has gotten custom to the touch though, it’s not accustomed to the touch and your body relaxes and calms right back down and it gets back to normal and everything just goes away. So it’s understandable why someone would think, I don’t want to do a massage session or incorporate this in my lifestyle because I don’t want to feel being turned on by the massage therapist. But I assure you over time when you’re doing more sessions with that individual therapist, your body gets accustomed. It maps out a  blueprint of what to expect when you’re coming here or going in for your massage session. What this touch feels like. So you would not get that feeling on a regular basis nor would it be something that happens on a regular basis, or it might happen to you once and it may not happen again. So it’s not something that is prolonged and happens, happens all the time. So just want you to know and remember that. 

6. They Have Issues With Body Imaging

Number six is – persons may have issues with body imaging. And that’s something that I understand and get as well.  That every individual is different. And there are some things we don’t like about ourselves and there are some things that we like about ourselves. There are some things that we wish we didn’t have. And there are some things we wish we had. So we all have certain little hiccups as to what we like about ourselves and don’t like about ourselves. But at the end of the day, we have to live with who we are. So some persons may feel a sense of this discomfort because of body size, their stretch marks, their belly size. We all have different things about us that we feel discomfort about.  s.

And sometimes we feel if you expose yourself and we are making a person know everything about you, your vulnerable in that position, they would now know where you have this and where you have that. And this person is going to judge you and they are going to discriminate you. And because of all these thought patterns of discrimination and being judged. This will restrict you from wanting to do a session because you have to be within your own space and self. You have to be vulnerable. So I totally understand why a person might feel that body image is going to be a problem. And maybe thinking to themselves the Therapist is going to judge them. And that is totally understandable. And I get you, but I can also tell you that it doesn’t always have to be where a person is in the nude or they have their clothes off to do a massage. A massage can be done fully clothed where you don’t have to take off any clothe

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So if you have body imaging problem or a self-esteem problem, which is where body imaging issues come from. Then you could do a massage fully clothed. You don’t have to take off any clothes or anything like that. The difference between doing a  massage clothed and unclothed is just that you would not get stimulus to the skin because it’s not skin to skin. But you will be able to target all the muscles, you will be able to have all the feeling, the sensations, everything, and you can definitely work through the clothes. It’s not a problem at all. You will be able to do stretches. You’ll be able to do all the things with your clothes on. It just depends on what type of clothes you have on that can sometimes be restricted. So sometimes let’s say if you have like a certain type of jeans on. Because sometimes in the session, the therapist may want to incorporate some stretches and if the clothes are restrictive you may not necessarily be able to do so, or even wearing a skirt as well can be restrictive to the therapist if he or she wants to do some stretches. 

So you, you want to always kind of aware of that, so as much as you can do it through your clothes, where the body parts and muscles can still be targeted. There are certain little things that may be needed to be done within a session but sometimes depending on the clothing, it may just cause a little restriction to do the desired treatment. But that’s still not a deterrent as to being clothed. It would just mean that the client or person may have to wear tracks, or slacks to be able to be freer. So body imaging is another one that can be very, very restrictive for someone who has body imaging issues or a negative mindset about their body. So rest assured that it doesn’t always have to be done with your clothes off. 

7. They Struggle To Relax Their Body & Mind

And number seven is struggling to relax your mind. And that is something that I can tell you. I understand because yes, sometimes our minds can be going on and on and on and on and on, and it can really keep us from allowing ourselves to really calm down and relax. And yes, it can happen within a session where if you’re a person whose mind is always busy and alert. You may come and do a session and you may not necessarily have gotten a 100% optimal benefit because your mind has been going, going, going and it’s not allowing your body to get calm down. And that could be a problem for some people, but not all persons. Because definitely some persons when they come to a session for the first time, your very in terms of what the person is doing, what are you not doing Or where they are touching or not touching. So you’re there and you’re alert. So you’re going to feel good and some burdens are thrown off when you leave, but the optimal benefits of total relaxation you may not have received or experienced because of your mind being alert. But over time, working with the individual that tends to go away because you’re accustomed with this person, you know what to expect, you know what they do and everything.

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So that calmness of the mind once you walk through the door, you throw that off and you’re just in the moment. So that can be another reason why someone would not necessarily engage or do massage therapy because they may be saying to themselves I don’t think my mind will allow me to relax because I think I will be thinking, thinking. But this doesn’t always happen and it’s not always the case. So these are just seven things or seven reasons why someone may not necessarily engage or go and do massage therapy. Because they have these particular hiccups of what it would be and their own personal mindset about it.

So I just wanted to share this and probably you of your own self might be thinking in this particular way and might have these certain thought patterns as to why massage therapy is not going to work for you or be of benefit to you.  So maybe you fall within one of these seven reasons as to why this is not part of your lifestyle. So I hope that I would have touched on one of them that I could of pointed and you are maybe perhaps saying this is one of my reason or my main reason for not incorporating massage therapy into my lifestyle. So I hope this was helpful to you and you would allow a shift in perspective to really get you to see the benefits of what this healing art can really do for you and your health and wellbeing.

2 thoughts on “7 Reason Why People Don’t Get Massage Therapy”

  1. It’s interesting to know that massage therapy helps you avoid costly surgeries in the future. Recently, my mom told me she’s been feeling back and neck pain and is worried that could be a sign of disease, so I’ll suggest we make a massage session for her this week. Thanks for the tips on thinking of massage therapy as a wellness tool.

    1. You are very welcom Eli and thank you for engaging with my post. And I am happy you found value from it. And yes massage can be very helpful for dealing with the onset of issues that has to do with the back and neck. I am also happy to know that you are being proactive and you are choosing to book your mom a massage therapy session. She will feel great I am sure. And much appreciation for your comment. Best regards

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