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10 Types Of Toxic Personalities To Stay Away From To Protect Your Mind & Peace

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Today we are going to be discussing different types of toxic personalities but more so specific types of personalities or types of people that you should stay away from in order to protect your mind and peace. We all have a personality it is what makes you you and what makes me me. Our personalities consist of specific character traits.


However, even though what I am going to share with you we all may have exhibited some of these at some point whether intentionally or unintentionally or from time to time. But I am not talking about it in that way.

I am talking about people who exhibit these traits consistently which forms who they are at the core. So whether you see them weeks from now, months or years they are the same and you can expect that type of behavior or display of traits from them.

People who have these types of personalities as their core defies reason and logic. And as a result, the impact that they have on those around them can be harmful and sometimes devastating.

So it is important and necessary to learn how to deal with different kinds of people, truly toxic people will never be worth your time and energy. Toxic people create unnecessary stress, strife and complexity.

1. The Gossiper or Bad Talker

It’s amusing for gossipers to make fun of other people’s misfortune. It may begin as a remark in which they express their opinion about someone’s private or personal life, but with time it develops into a habit.


You then experience a mentally unpleasant icky feeling when you are engaged in a conversation with a gossiper when they start to talk about another person.


Gossipers also love to propagate untruths, add false information to a story and love to spread false news about people. They will even talk negatively about you when you’re not around.


They do this to everyone. Therefore because of these traits, this one of the biggest reasons you should stay away from them and their harmful habit of talking about people and things that don’t concern them.

2. The Judgemental

Judgmental people will look down on others and criticize them for being different from themselves rather than recognize, accept and understand that everyone is different in their own way.
They never miss an occasion to criticize your errors and point out your mistakes. They are also quick to tell you what is the right way or what is the wrong way of doing something. 
They find it easy to judge every part of your life to make you feel unworthy or ashamed of the interests and traits and qualities that make you who you are. It is therefore recommended to stay away from them at all costs in order to maintain your peace and sanity

3. The Naccissist (Self Absorbed)

The Narcissists or Self-absorbed individuals believe that the world revolves around them. The narcissist or self-absorbed is a type of personality characterized by a need for excessive admiration and attention, they have an inflated sense of self-importance and grandiosity, they have a  tendency to intentionally hurt and exploit others and take advantage of people to get what they want.


They can be arrogant and they have a lack of empathy for people and what they need.  As a result of this, you might observe that they don’t and won’t give you much thought.


They believe that they are special and only those who are also special can understand or associate with them. So this is a personality type that you definitely want to stay away from to preserve your peace of mind,  self-worth and sanity

4. The Manipulator

Manipulators under the guise of friendship will drain you of you time, energy and resources for their own personal gain and agenda. They can be tricky to deal with because they come across as a friend who cares about your welfare and wellbeing. They make it their business to know what you like, what personal issues you are experiencing, what you enjoy doing and what makes you happy etc. 


But all of that is just them gathering information on you so that they can use it to their advantage as part of a hidden agenda. Manipulators never stop wanting something from you, and if you reflect on your interactions with them, you’ll notice that there was little to no support or giving on their path in those connections with them.

5. The Complainer

The complainer is one who complains about everything. They are very pessimistic and are not actively solution-driven individuals. They see every challenge or problem that arises or they encounter on as a mountain that has already defeated them.


And as a result all they will be doing is just talking and complaining about the issue everything you see them rather than taking responsibility and trying to find solutions to solve the problem. They will complain morning, noon, and night about the same things over and over. They don’t see tough times as opportunities to learn and grow; instead they see it as a time of complain

6. The Disrespectul Sacastic

The disrespectful Sacastic is one who uses Sarcasm -(the use of words that mean the opposite of what they really want to say) especially in order to insult someone or belittle them.


The disrespectful sarcastic will make fun of you if you relay you’re bothered by their comments? And try to act as though they are only joking when in truth and in fact they mean exactly what they said. They will say things like I am joking or messing with you.


When the desrespectful Sacastic does this they feel good in themselves about it to insult and belittle people. To point that they feel superior when they do so. These people often have a very passive aggressive personality and simply don’t have the ability to be real about their emotions or have emotional intimacy. And as such they employ sarcasm to communication. 

7. The Debator

The Debator  is one I stay who always turn every conversation into a debate. Anything you say they will disagree with. Even when they know you are right about something or they agree with you on a topic they will disagree just for the sake of arguing with you because they always want to be right and feel more superior.
These are the types of people who will  make you feel that your opinions don’t matter. So the best thing to do is to stay away from them to maintain your peace and keep your yorself in a good state of mind

8. The Hypocrite

The hypocrite is someone who is very inconsistent in what they believe and say. They are the type of people who today they will tell you one thing and by tomorrow they will tell you something else.


Their words are very untrustworthy since they never follow through on what they say.  It’s impossible to predict a hypocrite’s course of action. 

9. The Pumpus (Not Humble)

The Pompus (Not Humble) is one who were very narrow-minded, unreasonable and stuck-up. They would always complain about stupid things and they often feel that they are better than people. They also love to  shun and look down on people. 

10. The Envious

The envious is someone who gets jealous very easily. Though they may not show it. You will eventually know. It can become so toxic since they will look for ways to make you feel bad about your goals, aspirations, and accomplishments and will trivialize the things that you are doing or working on instead of being supportive, and cheering you on.


They love to compare what they have with what others have and will go the distance to outshine you and acquire things so that they can tell themselves that they are better than you. They will never compliment you and if they do their compliment is never genuine since it will always have a remark behind it to discredit the compliment.

If you’re looking for a more information on dealing and understanding toxic people, personalities and traits you can also read this article 9 toxic traits to look out for and how to deal with them.


Also let me know in the comments below if you found this post helpful and be sure to also share this with someone or those who you think might benefit from it. Thanks for reading, until my next post.

Patricia is a certified orthopedic massage therapist, behavioral preceptor and business mentor. She has been practicing massage therapy and holistic wellness since 2017. She also holds a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science with an emphasis in Psychology. Patricia has been in the Health & Wellness fields for approximately 6 years and 6 years respectively in sales. Patricia has worked with a wide scope of persons, ranging from Olympic athletes, international dancers, entrepreneurs, office workers, and professionals, as well as paraplegics, stroke patients, and those who have issues with neurological and musculoskeletal issues. Patricia's mandate is to help people to change their health destiny and to help them to understand, align and uncover who they truely are at the core from the lens of how God made them and sees them.

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